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Become a Proactive Care

Assisted Living Facility Using Today's Advanced Technology

Here’s the big question. How can assisted living facilities shift from providing reactive care to proactive care?

New, smart, and integrated technology is the answer. Simply put, embracing “smart” technology within the elder care system will proactively connect loved ones to their care teams and life-saving processes. These tools are absolutely essential to improve the level of care our seniors receive today. Having a clear understanding of each patient’s benchmark Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) is just the start. 

What if you could go above and beyond benchmarking residents’ ADLs?
Become one of the first to shift your quality of care exponentially.

Imagine providing truly enhanced, proactive elderly care in the face of the caregiving cliff. (Coined by AARP, the “caregiving cliff” refers to the rapid growth of the senior community in relation to the decline of able-bodied caregiver). The bottom line is: Seniors far outnumber their caregivers now. The silver tsunami is upon us, so let’s work together to improve care and family communication.

Integrating various smart technology to optimize senior caregiving not only makes life easier for care teams, but it also makes life safer and much more enjoyable for residents. Enhancing the human aspect of care given and received is a HUGE WIN-WIN. It’s clear that a proactive approach to senior care is the shift assisted living facilities need, and One Point makes that a seamless transformation.

How can you curtail the caregiving cliff?

Investing in advanced technology—wearables, portables, and emergency responders—is a start. But, this can be complicated because there are so many devices on the market today with new ones launching all of the time. And, each has it’s own data portal, etc. So let’s focus on an ADL kit that allows your facility to:

- Create a baseline of daily activity of all residents (sleep schedules, shower frequency, etc.)

- Allow for proactive patient care in terms of changes in daily activities, hygiene, etc.

- Receive alerts on both urgent and emergency incidents (i.e. started shower, but the water is still running after 20 minutes)

- Enable family to better understand the daily life of the resident

- Enhance the level of human patient care through increased caregiver productivity

- Improve human “touch” during resident interactions

All this data provides assisted living facilities the capability to make better and more informed decisions on resident care. 

How can your facility include this value-add service and become the differentiator in the marketplace?

If you’re an assisted living facility ready to enhance the independence, longevity, and well-being of your residents, you know that using various smart devices isn’t enough to give you the proactive approach to care you need. The integrated service from One Point by Remote Home Check takes smart device use to the next level. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.