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Frequently Asked
One Point Questions

Magic. Seriously though, we use a variety of integrated smart sensors that are completely unobstrusive. With the integration of these sensors into our One Point platform, we provide much needed data insights into the well being of each resident keeping focused on their ADLs and IADLs.

In short, patients will receive a higher quality of care because your team will be able to prioritize patient care based on severity of need provided to you in real-time. Additionally, your care team can shift from being in a reactionary state of care to focusing on ADLs and IADLs from a proactive stance. You'll improve your team's resident engagement and thus the human experience for everyone.

Moreover, your faciltiy will have a unique competitive advantage. You'll become the differentatior in the eldercare marketplace.

You will have the insights you need to improve your quality of care, you will streamline patient care for your team, and you can provide effortless communication to residents' medical professionals and their families right through the One Point system.

One Point is literally going to make your job and the job of your care team easier. It will help you curb the everpresent caregiver cliff, and it will not change anything in your current software systems or patient chart data tracking at all. 

As a game changer in the senior care industry, One Point will help you take on the silver tsunami. Imagine knowing that a patient is using the toilet more frequently or not at all during the day without them having to tell you, or pushing them to try to remember such details.

What if you could know if your patient is sleeping well, or at all, with the simple touch of a button? This and much more is all available to you in One Point.

The data created and tracked within One Point is considered private health information, so the data belongs to the person who is being monitored, as well as to the person doing the monitoring, as is outlined in the One Point by Remote Home Check EULA.

Furthermore, One Point uses the latest HIPAA compliant software, hardware, and encryption. We promise our customers that we make every effort to ensure the integrity and privacy of their data. We understand One Point exists because of our customers, thus we will always act in their best interest.

While we won't go into extensive detail and give away our positioning, you can note that One Point uses 256 AES compliant encryption. We also work with HIPAA compliant vendors and services, and aim to provide the highest level of security at all times pertaining to customer data.

Pricing is comprised of the following costs (some are one-time only fees): hardware, hardware installation, software configuration, monthly subscription. We are happy to discuss these in more detail during your discovery call. So go ahead and get your demo scheduled.

Absolutely! We take patient privacy very seriously, and this has been a part of our development every step of the way.


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