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With the silver tsunami upon us, it's time to take action.

There aren't enough caregivers within the eldercare system.
As a result, patient care quality is continuously declining.
But, it doesn't have to.

With One Point, senior care facilties can
improve their quality of care,
move from a reactive patient management approach
to a proactive one, and provide timely communication with
patient families and residents' medical professionals. 

Industry Info

Here's what's going on in the senior care system right now.


Americans Over Age 65
Steadily increasing, we have
46M seniors in the US, according
to the Population Reference Bureau.

One Point by Remote Home Check Dashboard

$400 B46M+

Senior Care Service Industry
The market as of last year (2018),
was a $400 billion industry,
forecasted to continue growing.

It is our mission to improve the human experience
by integrating and using advanced, smart technologies.

Let's make IoT do the leg work to improve eldercare in the US.
Join the movement of a $400 billion industry,
and become an investor now.

Want to know more about the Remote Home Check
(One Point) story? Check out our timeline below.

Remote Home Check Timeline