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One Point by Remote Home Check Blog

Transforming Elder Care With Smart Tech

One Senior Living
Center at a Time

With each passing day our lives seem to relentlessly get busier and busier. While we have less time to manage all the things we need to do, we also find that we have less time to do and enjoy the things we want to do.

Of course, we then become even more engrossed in the daily grind, and at the same time, more tech devices hit the market for the sole purpose of helping us to better manage our very limited time. New technology that enhances the lives of seniors housed in assisted living facilities is on the market now too.

In fact, did you know that the needs and desires
of our senior community are actually driving high tech?

Here are some situations that are very active in regards to tech development:

- Finding ways to advance health monitoring by transforming caregiving from a reactionary service to a proactive one. 

- Improving resident safety by reducing incidents, such as slips and falls.

- Enhancing human interactions between the care team and residents making them more meaningful and enjoyable. Instead of spending time       manually measuring vitals and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), caregivers can utilize smart technology to measure and record ADLs digitally and at a more granular level.

In short, assisted living facilities have the capability now to improve their quality of care and communicate effectively and timely with residents’ families while ensuring both sustainability and profitability. This can all be achieved with the integrated services of One Point, powered by Remote Home Check.

We take smart device use to the next level while protecting the privacy and security of our care providers and their residents. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.