Alert: Due to the current COVID crisis independent living residents are more disconnected from their family members and receive fewer check-ins from staff or contacts with support personnel within their continuous care retirement communities. One Point allows you and family members to monitor changes in health behaviors that may indicate a potential problem and provide an opportunity for early intervention.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is One Point?

    One Point by Remote Home Check is a real-time alert and monitoring tool offering cost-saving insights (analytics) and increased community awareness for family members.

    One Point uses non-invasive (no cameras) internet of things (IoT) sensors and a purpose-built machine-learning algorithm that provides real-time and predictive health insights as well as cost-saving measures for operators, administrators, residents, and family members. One Point provides an ‘at-a-glance’ health dashboard that combines behavioral health information with specific key inputs (like weight, blood pressure, & blood sugar) to identify early changes in health before conditions worsen to the point that might require acute care interventions.

    One Point uses machine learning and data analytics to help you lower costs and differentiate your services from other care providers.

    • It can increase staffing efficiency with ‘at-a-glance’ insights on how staff spends their time - and with whom.
    • One Point can automate and streamline routine administrative tasks so your staff can increase billable time.
    • It would differentiate your community by offering residents and family members a unique and easy way to “check-in” on loved ones.
  • What does One Point measure?

    One Point offers two sets of functionality for CCRCs.

    First, it can detect current or potential issues for the following ADLs and send alerts to staff, doctors, or family members.

    • Wandering
    • Toileting
    • Sleeping
    • Bed Ambulation
    • Showering
    • Medications
    • Ambulating/Sedentary Behavior
    • Repositioning

    Second, it can also provide staff-related analysis for CCRCs and Senior Care Communities to help save time and expense.

    For example:

    • A resident declines bed rotation 3 nights in a row. One Point alerts the Nursing supervisor who discovers that a new caregiver has been assigned and the resident is upset. One Point can do the following:
      • Alert that the resident hasn’t been ambulated
      • Track that the resident has been declining bed ambulation
      • Centralizes reporting vs. paper records (or no records)
    • A resident requires 15 hours of staff time per day during the week, but only 5 hours on weekends. Through One Point you discover:
      • Weekend staff are more experienced and have a better relationship with the resident or,
      • Weekend staff are not providing the full range of service required
  • How does One Point work with my existing tools?

    One Point uses APIs (Application Programming Interface) and webhooks to integrate with many existing software applications for senior living communities. With One Point you can access patient EMR records, facility staffing information, and financial information with just 1 login. You can monitor resident health and receive early alerts and warnings regarding potential health issues. You can receive alerts on staffing issues like overtime, efficiency, and even burnout.

    • Decrease the time spent on non-billable tasks like reporting and data entry
    • By intelligently analyzing the data from your existing technology, One Point can serve as a tool to drive down claims events
    • By consolidating the number of tools your care team has to interact with, One Point can reduce training, ramp-up, and re-education time, all while increasing communication with family and residents and maximizing the profitability of your community

    Not only does One Point have the ability to integrate with your existing solutions, One Point goes a step further and uses data from different sources to recognize symptoms and determine likely causes using our Artificial Intelligence platform. This is valuable information for care teams and medical staff!

  • How does One Point measure these behaviors?

    One Point collects information using different non-invasive sensors, hardware, and software to detect subtle changes in patterns.

    For example, a bed pressure sensor can tell if someone is lying on the bed. Changes in pressure will tell us if that person is sleeping or simply lying down to watch TV. Measuring the time it takes for that sensor to go off and then see that the bathroom door opened is one way to measure restroom usage. These sensors have existed for over 40 years. The AI to understand how to interpret these sensors in real-time has not been a reality until now.

  • What happens when One Point detects a problem? How frequently will there be false alarms?

    Users can be notified of alarms or alerts by text, app notification, email, or phone call, depending on the user-defined severity of the alert. Users can customize which alerts they receive and how they receive them.

    In order to avoid false alarms, One Point has built redundancies and backups into the system. It relies on multiple individual data points to validate alerts before they are triggered. It can also identify when a sensor is sending faulty readings so that it can be serviced and maintained.

    Administrators can designate key staff to receive alerts based on time of day, location, or other variables.

  • What does One Point do with the data?

    Remote Home Check / One Point never shares any private or personally identifiable information. One Point may share or sell non-personally identifiable information (such as the average sleep time of people with Alzheimer’s) but none of the data can be traced back to an individual.

    The reason One Point shares this metadata (data about the data) is to help improve scientific understanding of aging and the efforts to help people live longer healthier lives. One Point has a passion for improving the quality of life of seniors and the resources available to them both now and in the future.

  • What is included in the One Point package?

    One Point uses commercially available IoT sensors to passively gather data. It is built on the Smartthings IoT Hub. A package can be customized depending on what needs to be monitored but the technology can include:

    • Motion detectors
    • Pressure sensors
    • Temperature detection
    • Open/Close sensors on doors, windows, or cabinets
    • Smartthings Hub
    • Battery backup
  • Do we need special equipment? How is it installed?

    No, with One Point all you need is internet access. We will provide the sensors and hub and configure your account to integrate with any software you choose through APIs.

  • How much does One Point cost?

    There is a one-time setup fee for the Administration Tool design which will vary depending on the integrations required. Monthly monitoring costs about $180 per resident.

  • How do we find out more about One Point?

    Interested in learning more about how One Point can help your business? You can schedule a demonstration or drop us a line at [email protected]

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